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Alan Kinghorn & Son

Creating a website showcase 

Alan Kinghorn & Son, a gold accredited Worcester Bosch installer, takes pride in supplying and installing boilers and central heating systems that are highly recommended by Which? However, they were missing out on valuable online leads for their well-established business.

To address this issue, webporty was approached to develop a website and implement a comprehensive search engine marketing and social media campaign. The objective was to increase online exposure for Alan Kinghorn & Son and generate more leads for the business.

Our team at webporty took on the challenge and crafted a website that properly reflects the exceptional quality and longevity of Alan Kinghorn & Son’s services. Through search engine marketing strategies and a targeted social media campaign, we aimed to maximise their online visibility and attract potential customers. A very targeted Google Ads campaign allows them to have great reach with a small budget for advertising.

By leveraging our expertise in web design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing, these innovations have significantly enhanced the online presence of Alan Kinghorn & Son and drive increased business leads.

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Alan Kinghorn & Son is a long-established, gold accredited Worcester Bosch boiler installer, who have embraced internet marketing resulting in a big increase in commissions.

Our Approach

We adopted an efficient and streamlined approach to deliver the website for Alan Kinghorn & Son. With minimal input required from the business owner and no disruption to their existing online presence, we ensured a smooth and hassle-free process.

To make the website engaging and visually appealing, we incorporated light-hearted graphics and cartoons. Our primary focus was on highlighting the excellent services provided by Alan Kinghorn & Son, emphasising their unique selling point as a Gold Accredited Worcester Bosch installer. We also emphasized their 0% interest offer, expertise in oil boilers, and their extensive experience serving the local region.

To enhance customer engagement, we implemented an online calculator that enables potential customers to quickly assess the costs of a new boiler. This interactive tool encourages customer involvement and facilitates informed decision-making.

The Result

The impact of our efforts was immediately evident as Alan Kinghorn & Son experienced a notable increase in enquiries and sales. They are thrilled with their enhanced online presence, which effectively showcases their services and unique selling points. Additionally, our analytics capabilities allow them to track the sources of their new enquiries, enabling them to measure the success of their advertising investments accurately.

Our work for Alan Kinghorn & Son has yielded positive results, enabling them to capitalise on their online presence and boost business performance.

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