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Having email issues?

John McConville | 20 December 2023

Good email systems are key to good business communication

Reliable email is of course central to your communications and business success, but it is something we don’t think about too closely until things start to go awry. Robust email is important for our business security and continuity, giving business owners peace of mind.

When you host your domain and website with webporty, you can rest assured that your domain will be configured to give the best possible performance for your email – ensuring your emails are delivered because we implement industry standard configurations to verify your emails have the authority of your domain.

We often come across business domains that are not set up properly, even when the email is in the care of reputable IT companies. So we have put together a few tips and tricks to make sure your email is configured properly.

How can I tell if emails from my business domain are blacklisted?

A good starting point is to check if your email address or ip address is blacklisted. There are lots of tools out there, but I recommend using MX Toolbox to check your domain  using the ‘blocklist’ feature. You can use the ip blocklist feature on MX Toolbox too.

Some of my emails are going missing and turning up in clients mailboxes flagged as being unverified

Setting up your DNS records optimally by adding and configuring  DKIM and DMARC, SPF records ensures your emails best chance of delivery. Don’t worry if this is all too obscure for you as a business owner. webporty can help you set these up for you.

How can I know that my emails are being backed up?

Ensuring your emails are properly backed up and ready to be rstored can be critical for your business. Talk to webporty about making your email communications secure and recorded, so that even with mistakes and malicious intent, your emails are always there to be restored. We offer automatical and manual backups and can configure your email to be protected using MS365.

My mailbox is full, help!

Well that’ embarassing.  Make sure you archive your mailbox. Do not use your mailbox as the sole record of your business transactions, and have good support to ensure you will never see the mailbox full message ever again.

How can I prevent an employee deleting all their emails?

Employees sometimes take it upon themselves to empty their mailboxes when they leave an organisation. We can set up your mailboxes so that this can never happen to you again.

What do I need to do to improve the delivery of my emails?

We can optimise your domain reputation and ensure your domain is porperly configured. We offer a free report for you to check your domain. Just get in touch with the domain you would like to audit and we will send you the results.

How can I move emails from my old business domain to a new one?

We can manage the migration of your business to a new domain so it all happens seamlessly, taking the stress away from you and ensuring your business continuity.

Signatures are important to my organisation. How can I standardise them and ensure that every email I send and reply to does not show many emails as an attachment?

We recommned MS 365 and can design and implement a business-wide signature of the highest standard to reflect the quality and status of your business.

I have an image in my signature, but it looks blurry or pixilated.

We can sort that for you!

How do I protect my email from prying eyes?

We can implement the best security measures to ensure your email and reduce the possibility of sophisticated phishing scams. We encourage the use of two factor authentication, and help you implement layers of security. Talk to us about how we can improve security with an email audit.