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John McConville | 30 November 2023

Not all web hosting is equal

We often end up in a long-term partnership with clients because we have designed and built their website. Recently we have been getting more enquiries from clients dissatisfied with their current web hosting company and the second-rate service it is offering.  Frustrated voices give way to relief when new customers realise it can all be sorted, and become one less thing to worry about when their website is in a safe, secure environment.

There are lots of web hosting providers out there, some advertise in football stadiums and on television, promising cheap prices and great customer service. They are of course, neither cheap nor do they offer good service.

“Start for free!” and “Introductory offer from only £1.99 a month” and so on seem too good to be true, and they are.

Once you add on paid-for ‘extras’, such as secure socket layer, daily backups, mailboxes, firewalls, SEO tools… the list is long, you end up paying a king’s ransom to have your website hosted in a basic environment. We see all these ‘extras’ as being core to our comprehensive hosting and maintenance service.

Crucially, our web hosting includes regular health checks and technical updates to keep your website safe and online.

We are currently experiencing…

When you need help with your website or email you are usually held in a long queue chatting with an AI bot that simply refers you to an online article. If you are lucky enough to get through to a human, it can be an age waiting for a response to every small question – like pulling teeth.

Finally, you decide to move hosting to a better environment, where your website and email are positively curated and you can speak to a human with the knowledge you need, ready to answer the phone, to respond quickly and efficiently.

Do you know how much you are actually paying for web hosting?

Many new clients are surprised to find they have been spending much more than they thought on a sub-standard service. A service which was advertised at £20 a month is actually costing five times more. Our customers often save money by moving to webporty.

But my website, emails and domain name are all tied up

Don’t fret. We can manage the whole process of moving your online assets to a happier place. As long as your website is well maintained and up-to-date there are no costs on our side for moving your website, and any existing issues are raised before you commit to moving.

Get webporty onboard, sit back and relax. The move to better hosting will be managed by us, resulting in no downtime for your emails or website.

We clearly show annual and monthly rates which allow you to be safe in the knowledge that there are no hidden costs.

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