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webporty configures your website for optimal search engine performance, for new or existing websites

Configure your website for search engines

Wondering why your shiny new website is not appearing in Google searches? webporty configures your website for optimal online exposure.

When your website is designed by webporty

Our bespoke and unique websites are beautifully designed and built to best serve your business’ marketing objectives. But we know at webporty that a pretty website is not enough. Through a process of search engine configuration, we make sure that if you have a website and are building a new one, your online reputation will be maintained, and you will not lose momentum, or existing search engine standings when we launch your new website.

Configuring your website, just the way Google likes it

We sometimes receive enquires from frustrated website owners who have invested time and money into a website that is not easily found in search engines. We offer a one-off intervention, working on many levels; in the content of your website, the meta data, the speed and quality of the technical implementation of the website and with search engine listings and submission tools.

We measure the performance of the website before and after our intervention so you can clearly see the return on your investment, which invariably involves more impressions and clicks to your website, while your standings in search engine results pages (SERPS) is greatly improved.

Search Engine Marketing Organic Growth

Graphic showing year on year organic growth from webporty search engine configuration.

Google Search Console

Objective reporting tools are implemented, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console. In this report we see that search engine impressions have increased 4.5 times in the three months after an intervention, and the number of clicks from Google has doubled.


As we assess the current performance of your website we will advise on changes to content, structure and hosting to make sure you get the best out of your website.

Performance, accessibility, best practices & SEO.

We tackle these four essential aspects of your website, driven by the fact that Google puts great weight on them and prefers well configured websites.


Google page speed report before webporty search engine configuration:

Website performance before optimisation

Google page speed report for the same website after webporty search engine configuration:

Website performance after optimisation
Google Search Console report showing improvements in website visibility, impressions and clicks year on year
Google Search Console report showing improvements in website visibility, impressions and clicks year on year after our search engine configuration work.

Page speed and reputation

We improve your website’s page speed, as slow speeds negatively impact user experience and search engine rankings. We optimise your website pages, including the implementation of Mobile AMP pages for faster content delivery to mobile users with low bandwidth where appropriate. Additionally, we assist in enhancing your Google reputation by ensuring accurate and authenticated business listings on Google Maps and Google Business. Our range of tools and strategies will help your website grow in stature, and we have numerous success stories to demonstrate the effectiveness of our marketing services.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can assist you in achieving your business objectives.

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