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Our brief and comprehensive audit will allow you to be confident your WordPress website is secure.

Keeping your website and online assets secure


With webporty you can rest assured that your website is in good hands. Clients who enjoy our hosting services are protected by a range of security measures to ensure their web and ecommerce sites are protected from all manner of attacks from bots and humans out to create a bit of mischief, or worse to steal your clients’ personal data. If you are lucky enough to have webporty as your web host we have you covered. If not, consider our WordPress Health Check.

Website Health Check

Get in touch with John to review the health and security of your website. Our brief, but comprehensive audit will allow you to be confident of your asset. Too often businesses and organisations put enormous effort into building a website, launch it, then leave it to neglect. Don’t wait until it is too late and your website is irretrievably broken. Act now.

Our health check covers all aspects of your website’s security from technical security updates, through hosting environment, secure socket layer, backups, firewalls, scanning for vulnerabilities, login security and identifying and recommending actions to harden your security. We also look at the health of your domain name.

The report is provided in an easy to read and understand format that you can easily pass on to your web developer or hosting provider to address.

Our basic audit is affordable, and recommended if you have any concerns about your website. From only £195 + VAT for the WordPress website audit report, it represents good value for peace of mind while preventing costly remedial work in the future. Get in touch to find out more.


Domain Health Check

We off er a domain name audit to ensure the security and efficacy of your domain, making sure that your domain is not vulnerable to hackers and that you have secured all important alternative names to prevent your competition from hijacking your business identity.

We can also advise you on the best alternatives for a domain when you are in the process of registering a new property, and ensure your DNS records are set up and configured properly.


Email Security Audit

We ensure the security email and efficacy of your email delivery. With a security audit we can recommend actions to make your email more secure, and safer from compromise. We work with clients who use MS365, Google Mail and other POP and iMAP accounts to make sure your business is secure.

webporty can add the DNS records to ensure your domain email is using best practice for delivery and is therefore less exposed to the possibility of compromise. We can make recommendations to ensure your email is backed up and robust in its delivery.

Finally, we can implement any recommendations from our audit if you want to take it to the next step with webporty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your business communications.

webporty health check

hosting environment

Is the web server powerful enough and configured and up to the job of keeping your website secure?

backup and restore

Is your website regularly backed up and how easy will it be to restore the website should it need to be restored?

technical updates

Your WordPress version, themes, php versions and plugins are checked to ensure they up-to-date and not vulnerable

secure socket layer

Will will check your secure socket layer configuration to ensure it is keeping you safe, and make recommendations


We check to ensure your website is not already compromised in any way, and your website is clean


Your website should be behind a firewall, and that firewall should be properly configured


If your website is not fast enough it will affect rankings in SEO. We recommend how to improve speeds


Your domain should be in your control and set to renew automatically.  Which domains you should register to protect your business?

login security

Poorly configured login security and easy to guess usernames and passwords are a favorite route for hackers


“webporty created a fabulous website for my Life/Edit home organising business. I’m delighted with it: both the way it looks and ease of use. Thank you John”

Zoë Berry


“webPorty helped us grow our brand from the beginning, giving us a strong online presence, and a super website. Very easy to work with and always brings great ideas.”

Gordon Quinn

Badachro Distillery

“John has been a godsend. His experience, confidence, eloquence and common-sense has been invaluable in the constant race to be ahead of the game.”

David Barnes

The Offside Line

John is quick to respond and always finds a solution. We love that he gets our style & brand and works well with our designer. We highly recommend his services!

Mama Bross

Bross Bagels

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